Our mission is the best management of the infrastructure and the facilities of the Customers, with modern and efficient methods, guided by the social and corporate responsibility, through the provision of:

  • design, construction, operation, maintenance and support services
  • water transport activity services
  • contract collection and implementation services

I.F.M.S ENARGEIA is committed:

  • to provide high quality services, with continuous quality improvement, and continuous information and training of the human resources
  • to provide its services with the security of the participants in the project, the assets of the company and the Client
  • all its activities are governed by environmental awareness

The company implements the contracts it undertakes with guarantees for the fulfillment of the contractual obligations and the expected results, aiming at the complete satisfaction of the Customer. It offers a full range of management from experienced professionals, who understand the needs of customers and provide superior quality service in every project.

I.F.M.S ENARGEIA, is committed to the sustainable and successful implementation of your project.