Leading among the services provided by the company, is its specialization in port facilities, in activities related to water transport and the provision of management services in areas under the jurisdiction of Bodies of wider public administration.

Today, due to the economic recession, the recording and rational management of the revenues of each Organization, Public and Private, is considered an urgent need.

On the occasion of the integrated provision of services in port facilities and in Land Port Zones, I.F.M.S ENARGEIA commissioned the creation and development in collaboration with a leading company in the manufacture of software, a specialized application for managing port charges and other activities in Land Zones, ENARGEIA Harbor Management.

This software, in addition to its operation in Port Organizations, Port Funds and Marinas, fully serves the fields of Municipal Fees, customer information - debtors and the recording - recording of the real image of each Organization (Public or Private), in all Scopes of the service provided, such as:

  • Boat fees
  • Utilities systems fees (Pillars)
  • Checkpoints (Ports, Bridges, Coasts, Piers, Floats, Area Coordinates and Coverage Range)
  • Space concessions (property management, space management, table seats, decks, bars, sunbeds-umbrellas, automatic fee calculation, contract management, back office updates)
  • Logging of events (recording of damages / incidents), immediate updating of the respective software operator
  • Ship transit fees
  • Ferry charges
  • Vehicle transit fees