In order to best serve the needs of each Organization, I.F.M.S ENARGEIA appoints an exclusive Project Manager for each project, which is fully dedicated to the object of the service provided.

The combination of the "Project Implementation" program and the specialized and certified staff in:

  • Credit Policy
  • Control of Credits & Secrets of Collection of Monetary Receivables
  • Effective management of customer objections
  • User certification Seatracker - SMARTEGi MARINA

available at the company, have shown a significant increase in defined quality indicators (kpi’s), such as:

  • Create - improve - complete database (up to 100%)
  • Income improvement (38% up to 82%)
  • Improving the profile of the Organization / Agency to the customer (satisfaction for the services provided)
  • Minimize bureaucracy (onestopshop) and direct information of the Financial Services of each Organization for the real picture of the revenues as well as
  • Revenue forecast for new year (two way information ERP and SeaTracker)